No small thing…


I had very few health problems until I had Urpling. There was the propensity for high cholesterol in my family. But other than that I was doing pretty good, and since I was young and relatively skinny I could care less that my blood was some sludgy goo instead of a nice liquid. A few months after I had Urpling, I started gaining weight rapidly. About 60 pounds at least. Combine this with the 15-20 pounds I had gained from a few pregnancies and it was not a pretty picture. I also threw out my back so bad that I had to crawl to the phone to call my mom while my 3 month old was in a swing and my two year old was running around. This all combined to convince me to finally go to a doctor. She ran the normal gamut of blood work and found everything was high. My liver count, cholesterol, and thyroid amongst other things. So off I go to see a specialist about my thyroid. I had never given my thyroid much thought. It’s just a small gland in your neck only a few centimeters long, and it doesn’t get much attention. But man, is it important. Turns out mine was all out of whack. It was causing my weight to go up, my cholesterol to go up, my migraines, and my complete lack of energy. Once I got on some medication, (and I started watching my diet and exercising) my weight dropped, I had more energy and my headaches went away. Let me tell you, that was one magic pill.(yes, eating something other than Mac and Cheese and Hamburger Helper, and even eating a few veggies helped too.)
Fast forward a few years and I go in for a check up after having King Toot. Of course they ask me how I’m feeling, have I been extra tired? Well, I just had a baby two months ago and now have three kids under the age of 4…so yeah I am tired. Extra tired? No idea. My levels all seemed okay, so they lowered my dosage and sent me home. But despite working out every day, watching what I eat, and getting plenty of sleep…I was not losing weight and was exhausted constantly. Wouldn’t you know but that pesky little thyroid was out of whack again. So back to my old dosage and no more headaches (again) and my weight is starting to drop (again)and I actually have energy to do things (again). My kids and my husband are especially pleased. So three cheers for a properly functioning thyroid!

Random note that has nothing to do with the post: Today I was writing and my pen ran out of ink. I have now actually managed to hang on to a pen without losing it long enough to actually use it up. This has never happened to me before. I may need to celebrate with cake…or chocolate…or steak.


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