Emergency Driving


This incident happened about year ago, but it is still one of my favorites. Sir Smiley was sitting in his fully marked patrol car in the left lane with his partner, waiting at a stop light. They were just cruising around, keeping an eye on things at this point. Suddenly a car passes them in the left turn only lane with their flashers on, while honking. He passes all the cars waiting at the light and continues through the intersection in this same fashion. A brief pause of shock, Sir Smiley sees all the other drivers watching him to see how he’ll react. The honking driver then takes the next left, and so Sir Smiley follows to pull him over. As Sir Smiley turns on the lights, the other driver makes a u-turn, pulls over, and immediately gets out. Sir Smiley quickly advises him to return to his vehicle, which he does. When asked about his unusual driving style, the man replies that he was doing “emergency driving”. Sir Smiley asks him what “emergency driving” is. The man tells him that when you have and emergency you can turn on your flashers and honk your horn and you can drive however you want. Sir Smiley advised him about what the laws actually were and then asked him what his emergency was. The man then started to launch into a story that started back in 1973. So apparently this was not a recent emergency. After reminding him of the actual traffic laws, Sir Smiley sent him on his way, but also petitioned the court to have his license revoked. Which it was the following week. Thankfully this man will have to retest before he can get his license back.


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