Today our family went to see the movie Brave by Pixar. As usual, it was awesome and the girls loved it. We went to Studio Movie Grill (none of these companies paid me to endorse them by the way, but I wouldn’t turn down an offer if they gave me one) and had lunch while watching the movie. It worked out really well. I have to say, we rarely take our kids to the movies for two reasons. First, they are still little enough where about half way through they get fidgety (if we can even make it that far). Second, I am firm believer in previewing movies before letting the kids watch them. Even with kids movies, there tends to be a lot of things I find inappropriate. I do let this rule slide if I rent something, as it’s never more than a dollar and I just shut it off if it gets inappropriate. But over five dollars for a movie (for the kids…then add in the price for Sir Smiley and I it adds up to way to much)…I want to see the whole thing. Our exception has been Pixar, as every movie they have made has been fantastic. (and yes, that includes Cars 2… I loved it).
I digress. The main point I have been mulling over today is how God picks the oddest things to convict me. I won’t give away the plot of the movie…but it is family themed and especially revolves around the relationship between mother and daughter. This morning both the girls woke up in a mood, and thus I also woke up in a mood. So the wonderful happy morning I had planned in my head, where we all get up and sing happy songs and declare endless love to each other while we ride off into the sunset to watch a movie together, didn’t happen. It more revolved around constant whiny sounds from the girls, screaming from the boy (and maybe a bit from the mom and dad) and a bit of crying from mommy, while she yells at everyone, “Why can’t we all just be happy and nice to one another!!!”. (yes, I glimpse the irony). The only reason we still went to the movie was because it was a groupon that was about to expire.
So off we trudge and get into the theater just as it’s starting. Right when we walk in and find our seats, the girls manage to a fantastic fall where they fall literally on top of each other in a gigantic heap. But to my relief they just giggle and then get in their seats. But watching the movie….I bawled through a lot of it. Whenever the mom and daughter fought, when they played and laughed, when they defended each other, the water works would start. The whole experience reminded me how important my girls were to me. By the end our family was happy and whole, and we rode off into the sunset to head home. (well, not really since it was 1:30 in the afternoon, but you know what I mean). So bravo Pixar….bravo.


2 thoughts on “Brave

  1. Ash

    It’s nice to hear this one focuses on a mother-daughter relationship. I was just talking to my own mom about how none of Disney’s princesses have a good mom. There are only absent mothers or wicked stepmother types. Hooray for Pixar!

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