Who’s on first?


The latest rage in my house is to be first. My two year old still refuses to say more than a word or two at a time…and usually it’s barely understandable…but she will yell, “No, I’m first!” as clear as day at her sister. Nothing seems to stem the tide of this new desire. Pointing out that it doesn’t matter who gets into the van first since it won’t leave before everyone is seated an buckled doesn’t work. Making the kid who yelled that they’re first go last doesn’t work, mainly because I only have two kids who care and they both yell it at the same time. So then I’m left with no one getting in first. Quoting scripture like, “the last shall be first” just draws blank stares. Apparently they have not reached the milestone of understanding the complexities of self sacrificing theology. But one thing does work, and that’s giving them tasks they don’t want to do. They graciously step aside to let the other be first when they are getting ready for bed. They’ll fight over who has to go first when it’s time to get out of the pool, brush their teeth, or pick up their toys. Something tells me this won’t be changing anytime soon. So I guess I should just strap in and accept the battle over first, knowing that it will never be me. ;). Such is the life of a parent.


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