Judgementcenter and Circle of mean, posturing moms


So, ages and ages ago I joined Facebook. As I was still figuring things out, I “liked” two different pages: Babycenter and Circle of Moms. I can hear the groans already from more seasoned moms. I know…but I was pregnant with my first and wanted to get as much information as possible. Now before I start my rant (consider yourself warned…major rantage is incoming) I am going to give a few disclaimers. First, I do not know the people who run these sites and I do not think they are evil. But for some reason the majority of the posts on this site have so much negativity I seriously fear for the future of society. It’s even more depressing because it’s other mothers writing this stuff…not random staff members. Also, I use an iPad instead of a computer…my computer fried and an iPad was cheaper instead of getting a new one. I love it, but it seems some sites decide to make things completely than the computer and thus I hadn’t figured out how to unlike these sites.
With that said, let’s move on to my rant which I am sure you were all eagerly awaiting. I am tired of rude, posturing, judgmental moms. I was also tired of all the purposefully controversial threads that these sites post onto Facebook. Today was an excellent example….one posted an article about how spanking causes mental illness. I mean, really? They (should) know what’s going to happen. Mom’s at each others throats over a discipline style. There were moms accusing other moms of being f***ing idiots, ignorant, abusive, lazy, crazy, etc. (yes…the f bomb was dropped with astounding frequency) If you spank, you are abusing your kid, causing mental problems, teaching them to be violent, etc. If you don’t spank your just letting your kids run f***ing wild (told you…it was dropped a lot) and spoil them.
It’s the same with all these kind of threads. If you don’t breast feed you are poisoning your child and making them obese. If you do breast feed, you get harassed if you do it in public. Cosleeping, cry it out, baby led weaning…we moms make any and every aspect of parenting something to fight over. It’s aggravating, Parenting is hard! It’s an emotional roller coaster, confusing, frustrating, overwhelming, and fantastic all at once. You can look at your kid and love them dearly and want to strangle them all at once. So when you are a new parent, you go to these sites looking for help. You’re at the end of your rope, and you just want some comfort. But instead, in the midst of your own confusion, you are ripped to shreds for every choice you have made. Awesome. No one on these sites are honest about their struggles. Everyone is acting like they have all the answers. Somehow, they are omniscient…able to see every possibility and will tell you that what you are doing is either unequivocally right or wrong. But the more kids I have, the more I understand how little I truly understand about parenting. Each child is so different and reacts so differently to me that I still am at a loss as to how to handle some situations. When I was in college doing my student teaching, my professor said something that stuck with me. She told us not to feel ashamed if after a bad day we go home and cry. It doesn’t mean we’re a bad teacher, it means we care. Our kids get under our skin so quickly and drive our emotions to new heights because we love them so much. We love them so much that when they hurt us it hurts more deeply, when they are sad it throws us into sorrow, we experience everything more deeply. So why do we need to act like we have it all together all the time?
In summary, this blog has taught me one thing…being honest about my struggles as a parent has been freeing. No one looks at me and points…there’s that mom who actually got mad at her kids! No one crosses the street to avoid me, or defriends me from Facebook. In fact, just the opposite. Every mom should try it. Maybe then the new moms won’t feel so terrified when they’re sitting there at 3 am with a baby who has been screaming for hours, horrified that they thought of using Benadryl as a sedative has crossed their mind so they can finally sleep.

Note : I have finally figured out how to unfriend them. I kept getting sucked into these debates like a bad car wreck and it was affecting my mood with my kids and husband. Not worth it.


4 thoughts on “Judgementcenter and Circle of mean, posturing moms

  1. Lol@ the benadryl – I have so thought that in a moment of desperate sleep-deprived madness. “What do I do, what do I do?? I NEED SLEEP!!! Maybe if I give them just a little Benadryl? No, bad idea…” ๐Ÿ˜€

    Love your blogs, and especially love this one. I wholeheartedly agree with your comment that the more kids you have, the more you realize how much you don’t know. Having children was the most humbling experience for me – I knew all the answers until I had kids. Then, suddenly it was a different story. God has humbled me and for that I am grateful, even if it’s painful. I have learned the hard way not to judge lest I be judged, and that with the measure I use it will be measured back to me. When I was at work this weekend, there was a kid throwing an EPIC fit. I couldn’t see them but I could hear them and hear the parents warning the child to stop or they would have to take him to the car. It went on and on, and he screamed bloody murder the entire way out of the store as they took him to the car. My heart broke for them and I wished I could tell them not to be embarrassed, and that I understood. A coworker rolled her eyes to me about it, and I said “I’ve been that mom.” She responded “This child is like 6 – way too old to be throwing a tantrum.” I can see the temptation to say “that’s true”, but what do I know? How do I know these parents aren’t faithfully doing everything they can and the child is just that strong-willed? I could never have conceived of a child like Elijah until I had him. I have made up my mind not to judge other moms, because the truth is unless I’ve raised their child, I DON’T KNOW and that’s the truth.

    Thanks for posting!!

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