A Wrinkle in Time


Once you have kids you will learn…they always have impeccable timing. They will be angelic ALL day but as soon as you answer an important phone call, all hell will break loose and it will sound like someone is being gruesomely murdered in the background while you try and explain why this new job should hire you…or something like that. You finally go to “drop the kids off at the pool” as my hubby likes to say, and that’s when you hear a loud crash and then crying and wailing. Did somebody die? You rush out only to find that one child had dropped her toy only to have the other take it. Really? Can I please just poop in peace? You step into the shower and just as you shampoo your head you hear the little one calling, “Mommy, I pooped! Can you come wipe me?”. So off you rush, dripping and soapy, to wipe another poopy bottom.
Today is no exception. Trying to sneak a little “Marital Time”, a little “knowing each other in the Biblical sense”, a little horizontal tango, we here yelling. Nothing kills the mood like a four year old saying, “Mommy, I need a waffle! Mommy? Can you hear me? Mommy, I said I need a waffle!”. Curse you waffle….curse you.


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