It’s the little things…


When your life consists of a million small tasks to do, anything that can save you even a second brings an astounding amount of relief. For example, when potty training a child you spend most of your day in the bathroom. Taking them to the bathroom, entertaining them in the bathroom, helping them pull pants up and down, washing hands, etc. When a baby plays drop it…you spend a lot of time getting up, picking up toys, and back again. A big one for me is pants. They never seem to make pants that fit my kids. My daughters constantly have a plumbers crack going on since their pants never stay up. Much of my day can be spent just pulling pants up as they start fall down around the child’s knees. Belts are annoying to buckle and unbuckle when trying to potty train kids or change diapers. But my mom came up with a brilliant solution. I call it the Butt Bow. We take a big ribbon and cinch the back belt loops together and tie it up in a nice bow. (or with boys you can use rope if you want to be a bit more manly) It tightens the pants and keeps them from falling down, it’s in the back so they don’t untie it while they’re playing, and it’s easy to undo for when you change diapers or when using the potty. And that, my friends, is my random tip of the day (or week….or month. I really don’t come up with these gems often. Actually, I usually steal them instead of coming up with them on my own, as you can see here)

Random Note that has nothing to do with original post: While driving home from the Fourth of July fireworks we saw a sign that said, “Sweepers Ahead”. Two thoughts. First, whose brilliant idea was it that we should pick the day that we pay government employees extra for working on a holiday to sweep the streets. Number two, whose brilliant idea was it to have large sweepers drive along the side of of the road on a holiday when drunk driving is higher than usual; creating a bizarre obstacle course of large trucks on the shoulder, sleepy drivers who are up later than usual, older people who drive slowly, and those who are….impaired weaving dangerously among them all. We have some brilliant city planners there.


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