Game On


I have come to an irrefutable conclusion…iPad games are evil. Some are so bad, I’m pretty sure they’re from the devil. I have had several on my iPad that are just evil. The are addictive, and I check them obsessively. But they have not reached Satan-status yet because of one thing…they can only be played at specific times. You can’t play them for hours and hours until your brain is mush, your kids are hungry, and the house destroyed…because they are all based on energy. You have a specific amount and once it’s gone, you can’t play again until it refills several hours later. I could buy energy, but I’m cheap so I don’t. This keeps me from playing them constantly.
But then Sir Smiley got ahold of my iPad and started downloading stuff. There are two in particular that I swear are like crack for your iPad. You start playing and hours go by without you even realizing it. He downloaded Bejeweled Blitz and Temple Run. Sir Smiley downloaded them and instead of finishing his homework he played them for 4 hours! I gave him no end of grief for that…until I tried playing them. I CAN’T STOP. I feel like I should look at my iPad and quote scripture, “Get behind me Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God…”. Maybe an exorcism of my iPad will suffice…sprinkle some oil and pray over it as I purge the evil aps from the iPad. (I could just delete them, but I feel I need some closure.).
I will have to make sure Sir Smiley understands that unless he wants CPS called to our home for neglect, the evil games must go! If you have hours of free time you could possibly handle these games (although it may behoove you to volunteer or do something more productive with your time), but for the rest of you….buyer/downloader beware.


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