Bike a mile in his shoes


I’ve been a bit of a slacker in my posts the past few weeks. Time to get back on the horse. First, you need a little background for this post. I was a swimmer in high school. I love to swim. But we do not have a pool so to lose weight after Urpling, I decided to start running. I hate running. But it worked, and now I have run in two half marathons and am registered for another one. Since then we got a membership to the Y so I can swim laps again (yay!). Okay, back story is done…time for this weeks adventure. Sir Smiley has convinced me that since I love to swim, and can run now…why not do a triathlon? So I am registered for a sprint triathlon in a month and a half. (400 meter swim, 12 mile bike, and a 3k run…or something like that) But to do this, I need a road bike. I own a mountain bike, and the difference is apparently noticeable. A mountain bike takes a third more energy than a road bike to push yourself forward. No problem, Sir Smiley owns a very nice road bike which apparently I am tall enough to use. But then we run into a slight hitch. The pedals. Sir Smiley does not have normal pedals. Apparently, the “best” way to bike is to have your feet attached to the pedals…literally. You have special shoes with cleats on the bottom and you shove them into the pedals and they click into them and boom, your feet are attached to this fast moving object. The only way to get your foot out is to wrench your heel outwards and then it will release. Have you ever tried to bike without being able to put your foot down whenever you feel like it? (I’m sure all my biking friends out there who are cooler than me have…but there must be some of you who find this idea as ludicrous as me.) I tried it once a few weeks ago. I borrowed Sir Smiley’s shoes and went around the block. I slowed to a stop and took out my right foot…and forgot to take my left foot out and fell over. I was just standing there. But Sir Smiley was insistent that this was the best way to bike so I tried it last night. First we got me shoes that fit, and then I sat in the living room, using the couch to balance, and practiced taking my feet in and out of my pedals. After a while, we decided to brave the streets. It was terrifying at first. I was certain I would need to catch myself with my foot at any moment and would crash and die. We went up and down the street practicing getting on and off the bike. Then I was on my own.
I biked about 6 miles last night and I never fell once. Surprisingly, having your feet attached gives you more control. Basically, it idiot proofs the pedals so you keep your feet in the right spots. This gives you amazing balance so you aren’t so wobbly. Who would have thunk? All in all, a very fun time. It was night, no one was out, and when the wind kicked up it would blow through the tires and the tires would “sing”. It was pretty amazing. But I still have been pondering…who was the first person who was riding their bike and thought, “You know what I need to do? I need to attach my feet to this object that goes 15 mph and that will be truly awesome.”. Hmmmm….


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