Day off?


It is hot. I’m about to go wild and crazy and crank the air down to 76. I’m not kidding. I’m gonna walk on the wild side. One result of the heat is cranky…..everyone. Sasquatch cries because Urpling won’t take the toy she is offering. Urpling is crying because she want King Toot grabbed her toy she hadn’t touched since yesterday. King Toot seems to be fine….but now that I’ve said that the high pitched squeak is inevitable I am certain. Oh, and with the heat comes a complete and utter lack of motivation to do anything. I mean, I am breaking a sweat just sitting here. So getting up to actually do something? Pfffftt. So I decided to take the day off. Then I laughed hysterically for 10 minutes. Then cried for 5. Ever tried to have a day off with three kids under the age of 4.5? Without a spouse or some other reasonably responsible tall person to field all questions. Sir Smiley is at work, so no help is on the horizon. But heck, even when someone else is around, they will run past them and into the bathroom to ask mommy to get the crayons down while she’s pooping. I reminisce of days when I only had one kid. How relaxing that was. Only one crying child. Only one extra meal, one extra set of teeth to brush (I HATE brushing teeth…not sure why, I just do). Only one other person to change and to bathe. I digress. The heat has made me incapable of holding a coherent thought for more than a few seconds. Where was I? Oh, I decided to take the day off. (snicker…sob).
I have been very careful not to have too much tv around the kids. It’s addictive for us all. Yes, every Dora episode sounds exactly the same, and even Pixar loses it’s charm when you have seen them so many times you’re dreaming of the characters. (that and I’ve been watching Fringe and The Big Bang…you can imagine how disturbing those dreams are). But kids are soooooo quiet when that magical box is on. So I confess, we’re having a movie (and coloring) night. I am sitting here on the couch talking to the girls about how Larry is a good guy, and that big pickle is really mean. But, I get to sit quietly and maybe actually get a few moments to sneak in a little reading. Oh and chores? Don’t make me laugh. Somedays, even Mommy’s deserve to be a tad irresponsible. (meaning I still end up making meals for everyone and get everyone for bed. But maybe I won’t vaccum or give the kids a bath. They don’t smell bad yet. I also will probably just nuke something for dinner. otherwise turning on a stove or oven is involved and that’s just not gonna fly with me tonight). So here’s to a day off…big or small!


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