Don’t mess with the Sheriff…


Today we had a very satisfying driving experience. Sir Smiley and I were in the car with the family, headed out to do some shopping. Sit Smiley was going about 80 in a 65…so a tad fast. We start to catch up to a sheriff who was in the right lane, so Sir Smiley slows down to 75. “You don’t want to fly past the Sheriff going 80?” I ask. He looks at me and laughs, “No! He’ll pull me over and ticket me for sure, even with my badge!” Just as he says that, a white car goes whipping past us doing well over 90. We glance at each other and then at the sheriff, who has now started merging across several lanes of traffic. “Here comes the Sheriff” was all I got out before he had his lights and sirens going. Moral of the story…don’t mess with the sheriff.


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