The Fortress of…fun


I was totally going to have the fortress have some amazingly awesome name that would just wow you and draw you in. But yeah, my brain is on strike so you’ll have to settle for the mundane alliteration instead.
It’s been a rough week. Not that anything catastrophic has happened. But it’s just one of those weeks where no one seems to be happy. The girls are constantly fighting and crying and I have the motivation of a sloth…a lazy sloth. It’s way too hot which only adds to the irritability. I digress…into whining. I have not been enjoying motherhood this week. It happens, there are just off weeks where no one is happy. But in an attempt to break the vicious cycle I decided it was high time the girls built a fort. We used the typical couches/bookshelfs/coffee table-draped-with-blankets configuration. It was magic. The girls crawled in and out, in and out, in and out for at least an hour. King Toot thought it was fantastic. He has finally managed to scoot…not crawl but he can get around now…so he scoots right on in and starts pulling on things and giggling and laughing as the girls yell at him to stop. It was hilarious.
Of course, after the hour was up they started melting down again and I shoved them in bed. Urpling spent most of the time in the nursery at church this morning torturing the poor workers with high pitched shrieks and cries if anyone dared to play with anything she had looked at. But at least I had that one hour where my kids were happy and I was actually able to enjoy them. Releasing the inner kid aways feels good.

Note: the fort is still up, as Sasquatch has decided grandma and papa have to see it. I need my living room so if my parents don’t visit soon, a special Skype session with Sir Smiley’s parents will be needed. (Really, I think a special Skype session is needed anyway…hmmmmm)


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