100th Post


So this is my 100th post to my blog. It’s like the 100th day of school, or the 100th episode. I should do something thrilling, unique and maybe artsy craftsy. Maybe I should make a macaroni necklace with 100 noodles on it, or create a blog where my whole family is in an alternate reality and what would that look like. Maybe a collage where I choose 100 objects that reflect aspects if myself and pontificate about what it all symbolizes. But I’m a mom of three little ones and that just sounds exhausting. I’ll have my kids eat 100 Cheerios to commemorate the occasion. But as it is, I think I’ll just ramble on in a windy road of self reflection.
First, I am amazed that people seem to read my blog still…or ever. I expected my family to red it occasionally, but other people seem to actually read it too. Very flattering….but it might be that my thoughts are like a car wreck, you just can’t look away. Or like Jersey Shore. But anyway, I actually seem to be writing to actual readers. A bit intimidating, so I’ll go back to pretending no one reads this. Done and done. Some things I’ve learned in 100 blogs? Well, I suck at grammar. I just gave up, satisfied that at least I don’t look like I’m texting my blogs. btw, I’m omw to get gas, I’ll brb and then I’ll rofl as I watch you try to decode what I just said. (I am laughing right now because my iPad just tried to autocorrect each of those into their actual phrases…I can’t even begin to describe the thoughts that come up when I realized that). So as far as grammar goes…I’ll just try to stay ahead of the curve. Oh, I have also learned that typing on an iPad is good and bad. I am learning some very bad habits. I never use an apostrophe in my contractions as the autocorrect automatically puts it in for me. Double space automatically puts in a period. If I were to ever type on an actual computer keyboard it would look like a monkey took my place. (well, to be fair, a monkey would probably have better grammar). But the autocorrect has been a lifesaver for me. Especially since my spelling leaves something to be desired. I have also learned I am probably the most random person alive. I already knew this, as my friends all through high school would take great joy in teasing me with the bizarre subject changes. But I managed to hide this flaw until I started blogging. I also love using the dot dot dot to show a mental break…I also put in an obscene amount of parenthesis and I have issues hitting the space bar correctly on this iPad. So I’ll look up and an entire sentence is one word.
Second, (if you can really count that whole long ramble as a first thought) I have been pondering why I blog. I used to think blogging was silly. What on Earth would I write about? (see, here is where my grammar incompetence comes in…do you capitalize earth if it’s part of a phrase? Got me.) I have no particular talents…I tend to dabble in everything. My van has the cheesy family decals, a scuba decal, a half marathon decal and a decal for the Horde (world of Warcraft) just to give you a sampling of how random I am to the core. But people who blog are crafty, talented cooks, deep philosophers….and then there’s me. But I did notice something. Across the board, we people are the most judgmental and rigid creatures. Just go to any political post and watch the ugliness ensue. We shake our heads at those with signs or bumper stickers or posts we disagree with…without knowing anything about the person carrying it. What life events caused them to make choices different than you? Are they really worthy of your disdain simply because they have made a political choice that differs from you? Obviously, the other party is evil and is plotting the downfall of man while our party is full of angelic beings and our political leaders are practically the next Messiah (insert sarcasm font here) It gets even worse when you add our children into the mix. I have seen a mom lecture an old man who gave her son some candy from the candy machine her son was checking, Why? Because it had high fructose corn syrup in it. I mean…the guy had to be about eighty. How hard would it be to thank the kind man, and then when they were out of sight throw the candy away? Moms who shake their heads at kids who are having a meltdown, climbing the outside of the play place (yeah, that was me and let’s be honest…I was sitting in McDonald’s…on what basis am I judging people?), using a nuk too long, etc. We all want to look amazing as a mom and then lord it over each other. So, as I said in my About Me section, I blog to make people feel better about themselves. Parenting is the most aggravating, stressful, frustrating, beautiful, rewarding, fun, painful roller coaster ride. I wanted to attempt to demonstrate the emotions of failure surrounded by a deep love and a desire to do better. Success softened by the knowledge of how easily it can slide the other way. For other parents to gain comfort knowing that it won’t always be unicorns and rainbows and fuzzy puppies. I mean, unicorns don’t even exist, it storms before a rainbow appears and fuzzy puppies eat things and shed all over everything. I rest my case, anyone who acts otherwise is lying. We have all hit the point of crying in the short, screaming into pillows and finding ourselves wanting to punch something to release the frustration and hurt building inside us. We have all also melted into little puddles on the floor merely at the sight of our kids smiles. It’s totally normal!
Third, I also decided to blog because Sir Smiley has some fantastic stories from the job and I figured they needed to be written down in some way. It seemed such a waste for these stories to go untold.
Oh, and I needed a place to vent, as my pillows weren’t taking the beatings very well.

So I have made it to 100 posts, and I actually have people reading my blog. Amazing! Thanks to all of you for actually taking time to read the craziness that comes out of my head, and hopefully the next 100 posts will be equally mesmerizing…or horrifying.


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