A Quick Pit Stop


Sir Smiley was at work, and had just received a call that had the potential to be quite long. He was running on full, so decided a quick pit stop at a local gas station was in order before he strapped in for a long night. He was in the bathroom for about 30 seconds, doing his business when he hears, “Officer?” come from behind him. Great. What is so important it couldn’t wait 30 seconds for him to finish? Does he need his gun? And if he does, what should he do with his…um….”secondary unit” as he turns around? He responds, “Yes?” to which the voice replies, “I think there is a drug deal happening right now in the parking lot.” Sir Smiley sighs, finishes up, and heads out. He sees one car leaving after they spotted the patrol car in the lot. He hops into his car and pulls behind them as they pull into the Mecca-of-crime shopping center (his words, not mine). The first words out of the driver’s mouth was, “I might have this warrant.”. That always bodes well. The driver ended up having two warrants and was driving on a suspended license so Sir Smiley arranges to have the car towed and the driver arrested. In the meantime he searches the vehicle and finds medication bottles stuffed into the dash where the radio should be. Eureka! It has to be their stash! Wait, no…they have just stuffed some brads and other random objects in there. Pile after pile he pulls out, but no luck. He never found the stash, but was still able to arrest the driver based on his warrants and driving on a suspended license. All in all, a very productive bathroom break.


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