It’s my party…


So we’re having a party at our house tonight. It looks like it’ll be pretty big too. So of course, I go into a flurry of cleaning and planning. But I missed the key part of my planning…timing. When you are childless (and petless I suppose) you can clean as early as you want to and it’s no big deal. But when you add kids to the mix there is something vastly more difficult and tiring than cleaning. It’s KEEPING the house clean once you’re done. So I usually try to time it so that I get the house clean just before people start arriving. It may look like disorganization, but trust me…it’s planned.
But here I am at 3:30 with everything done…and the party isn’t for another three and a half hours! Keeping three kids and two shedding dogs from totally destroying a beautifully cleaned home is no easy task. I confess…Pixar has played a huge role in keeping the kids quiet and occupied. I am not a huge fan of using the TV as a babysitter…but there are moments of desperation and this is one of them. The dogs were banned outside until the hubby complained it was too hot. So now they are gated into a back area of the house in a futile attempt to keep the vast amounts of shedding fur confined to a small area of the house. Now to strap in and make it until 7.

Note: This is in no way supposed to make those who are coming to my house tonight feel guilty. I love having people over, and if it weren’t for guests my house would probably never be cleaned. I am super excited for tonight. I was just aggravated that I timed my cleaning so poorly. I could have slept in a few hours…or taken a nap. I blame my dad. He came and watched the kids for me, resulting in astonishing cleaning times. (kidding Dad) It’s amazing what I can get done when the children aren’t underfoot or “helping”. 😉


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