Sisterhood of the traveling sister…


So I drove 14 hours or so yesterday to visit my sister in Denver. To get here (Denver) at a reasonable hour I got up at about 2:30 am and left at around 3:15. With stops, we arrived at 8:30 here (that is with a time change so it was more like 7:30). I did this all by myself. I say this not to brag…but to help you understand if this post is totally not coherent. I have not recovered…and while this all seems to make perfect sense to me, I am not exactly lucid at the moment. The entire trip was surprisingly uneventful until the very last two hours of the trip. That is if course when kids always decide they are DONE with the car. It doesn’t matter if you drive for four hours or fourteen hours…they seem to know and it’s aways the hardest leg of the trip. First we drove into a rain storm that turned to hail. Apparently all the kids thought this was awesome…King Toot squealing with excitement and joy while the girls chant in the back, “Faster! Faster! Faster!”. (never fear, I do not take advice from two and four year olds). Then after that we hit a heavy downpour. This is when King Toot no longer wishes to be in his car seat and expresses it by screaming for an hour. The girls keep shushing each other and tattling to me and crying if someone looks at them.
I get there, a joyous reunion with my sister, brother-in-law and two nephews. That night I go to bed after being up for over seventeen hours. This is the night that the kids decide to wake me up about three times. 1 am King Toot wails…I calm him down. His wail wakes Urpling who then wakes King Toot who won’t calm down so I have to feed him. 5:00 am…King Toot wakes up and wants to play. I get so mad I swaddle him tighter than a burrito and he finally falls asleep. As I am drifting off…again…Sasquatch wakes me up with moaning. When I ask her what’s wrong she responds, “Nothing’s wrong, I’m just making noises.” Yeah…that went over well. Total I managed to slog about six hours of sleep together. But one can only hope and pray that tonight goes a little better. But even so, I have truly enjoyed seeing my sister and her family!


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