The Dinosaur what has a book


This is a guest post of sorts…I got the idea from the web series “Written by a Kid”. So this is a story Sasquatch told me(she inherits her grammar abilities from me…):

T Rex roars really loud. Then it stops to me, and it won’t roar anymore at people. It was really loud and scared everyone. They had a bicycle trail and he roared a little bit. They rides a bike to get away from the dinosaur. He had big feet. When it started to rain he got lost on the bike trail, and he followed the bike trail where all the people went. He found them and they were in rockets to the highest mountain and they got away again. Then the people went down and got to the queen bee. Then they got away from the queen bee ’cause she didn’t like to wait. Then the people napped. But when the dinosaur came in the room they woked up. Then they ranned and ranned and ranned in their rocket. Then they found the clock…it was a brown clock. Then they went down and found their bikes again. Then that was the end of the story.


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