Where’s Baby?


So we just came back from a whirlwind weekend getaway. Sir Smiley decided to do a half ironman a few months ago and this morning was his race. So we packed up and headed out yesterday, spent the night in a hotel and then drove home after the race. But on the way home something unfortunate happened. Urpling left “Baby” at the restaurant we had lunch at. “Baby” is a floppy, fuzzy stuffed dog she has had for almost two years. If he even falls off the bed, we will wake up to the sound of Urpling wailing for “Baby”. To say she is attached is an understatement. Now, due to this attachment I am usually quite good at catching her trying to sneak “Baby” places and I usually have “Baby” wait for us at home or in the van. Mainly because there was a terrifying experience in a Target with my mom that has seared itself into my brain due to the moment of panic where we reach the car and realize “Baby” is missing. After ten minutes of sheer horror at the thought of no “Baby”, we find him at the customer service desk. (to the unknown patron of Target, you have no idea the act of heroism you performed that day. My blessings to you and your family!). I digress. Today I noticed Urpling had “Baby” after we were already in the restaurant and did not feel like wandering all the way out to the van to put the infernal puppy away, so I just noted to Sir Smiley that we needed to make sure “Baby” came back out with us. Did either of us remember to check? Of course not. So here I am unloading the van a few hours later and realize we have Urpling’s special pillow, but no “Baby”. (*insert tiny violin here) (yes, she also has to sleep with a specific pillow too) (and yes, I did just use three sets of parantheses in a row…sue me) We make it through the whole evening without her noticing but after I put her to bed, the wailing begins. She keeps pointing at the door yelling, “Baby” over and over. She has finally stopped. We did call the restaurant and they have it, so hopefully we can work out a mailing arrangement. But it will be a long week until that happens.
Ironically, I had just seen some mommy post about this where moms were arguing over whether allowing kids to have “lovies” or become attached to things like that is healthy. My two cents…each kid is different. Sasquatch is attached to things too. But the object changes daily (and sometimes hourly). She’ll have an animal she takes with her everywhere, and after a day or two she switches to a new one. Urpling, as evidenced here with this tale of woe, is a little more particular. Two different reactions, same parents and parenting style. I do wonder, how does everyone else handle these situations? (I should mention…Urpling was also obsessed with her nuk and it was another traumatic experience to get her to quit them. It was like baby crack for her.)

Note: I highly recommend the book “Knuffle Bunny” by Mo Willems. Captures these types of moments sooooooooo well! (he did not pay me for that…that was totally free advertising. ‘Cause that’s how I roll…*sigh I need to go to bed)


5 thoughts on “Where’s Baby?

  1. Angela Cox

    I love the book Knuffle Bunny. It most certainly is Reilly and her “baby” (blue grumpy care bear). She is almost 5 and is still very much attached to baby. We have had moments when she has left him somewhere but we have found him within minutes because he is an umbilical cord to her. Good luck this week!

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