Van Lag


I mentioned the other day about our travels this weekend. That makes two vacations in a row with only a few days in between to recover from one and prep for the next. Going on vacation, especially with children is not really a vacation. I will call it what it is…my family went on two trips. We visited things and people, we had fun, we were totally exhausted. Coming back from trips is like coming back from alternate realities. You have a weird disconnect from real life and getting even the simplest tasks accomplished becomes difficult.
Last week was a blur. Working out? Pffft…yeah right. My blog posts were spotty at best. I cooked meals occasionally. I managed to keep the dishes from piling up too much. I washed clothes, although folding them took a while. Basically, I was running on emergency power and all non-vital systems were non-operational. Which, of course, made packing and surviving the next trip very difficult. I managed to lose “Baby”, my prescription sunglasses, and a bottle…at least that I’ve noticed so far. So here I am again, trying to get my body and brain to start following a regular routine. Yesterday I got a migraine when I woke up and slept most of the day (thank you Sir Smiley for herding the small ones for me!) and still had no problems falling asleep last night. Finally, for the first time in several weeks, I feel somewhat normal. Apparently the best cure for a long trip with small ones: sleep like the dead for a day or two. Too bad I usually don’t have that luxury…


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