What a difference a routine makes…


So…combine the two trips with kids and the excessive hot and muggy weather and I’ve been tired. I’ve been tired and I have not been following much of a routine. I stay at home, none of my kids are in school, so there is really no reason to have a schedule. Just do things when you feel like it. These were the rebellious thoughts I was having. I have these moments where I forget what I have learned and make the same mistakes. This was one of them. There are a few problems with this mentality (and some of them are glaringly obvious). The most obvious being that I am a very lazy person. If I wait to do things when I feel like it…I won’t do them. If I do what I feel like then I would read, surf Facebook, and nap all day. (maybe play a few iPad games and eat a lot of chocolate…and ice cream…and chips…I would just eat a lot). So that throws those ideas out the window right there.
But the kids, man, the kids. They freak out without a routine. It starts off subtly. A whine here, a “pester my sister” there. But things start to spiral out of control quickly. The baby starts to cry constantly about nothing. He’s overwhelmed with life and can’t handle it anymore. The girls constantly fight and the breath they aren’t using to yell at each other is used to whine. If you have ever spent any amount of time with small children you know exactly the tone I’m talking about. Nails on a chalkboard and the crinkling of Kleenex cannot compare to the shudder that the sound their whining elicits. Usually this tone is used on phrases like, “I’m tired”, “I’m hungry”, or “I don’t wanna!”. So this week I have slowly been trying to get our family back into a routine. Of course the weather is still disgusting and I am still recovering from “vacation brain”. But slowly the kids seem to be calming down and actually spend some moments of the day relatively happy. Some day I may actually get a schedule that we actually follow too. You never know!


2 thoughts on “What a difference a routine makes…

  1. Papa Craig

    Just think. In a few years you’ll actually miss thsese little voices crying and whining. Or maybe it takes more than a few years, but eventually you do miss them. I guess for me that happened when you graduated from HS, 🙂

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