Top 10 Chores I Hate to Do


I have decided to follow in the footsteps of David Letterman and start my own Top Ten Lists. First up….chores I hate to do. Surprisingly, things like: cleaning toilets, scrubbing counters, and vacuuming do not end up on this list (I have a new vacuum and it rocks…this has improved that chore immensely). But here are my Top Ten of chores I hate to do:

1. Laundry. Not doing laundry, but folding it. (Sir Smiley used to be so proud of helping me when he would run the washer and dryer…until I explained that wasn’t the hard part). To clarify even more, I hate folding laundry with small children around bombarding me with pieces of laundry in some form of weird entertainment. Even more…I hate folding fitted sheets….I always end up scrunching it down into a small ball and piling the other sheets on top to keep it smushed.

2. Brushing other people’s teeth. I have no idea why, but I hate brushing my kids teeth. Maybe it has to do with all the drooling, foamy, nasty toothpaste they seem to just let dribble (or pour) out of their mouths and down their chins. *shudder

3. Doing hair. I don’t mind it on occasion…but my girls are not fans of having their hair done…Urpling acts as though acts of torture are being performed if I even brush her hair. So now I hate it.

4. Wiping faces and mouths. None of my kids enjoyed this. They would (and do) scream bloody murder if I touched their faces. King Toot likes to grab the washcloth with a death grip and try to eat it while I attempt to wipe his face. It’s tedious work.

5. Emptying garbages. Again, not sure why, but I will squash the thing to overflowing before I take it out. Usually Sir Smiley does it.

6. Budgeting, paying bills, or anything related to money. Not because I don’t like spending money, but because I suck at it. Majorly. Sir Smiley took those responsibilities away from me…or we would have no money…or no idea how much money we have.

7. Getting gas. Especially if it’s hot out. I want to stay in the AC. I see those movies, like Air Force
One, where planes get fueled mid air by a tanker, and I think, “When I’m rich and famous, I’ll do that with my van and never have to fuel up again…”

8. Giving baths. I have yet to find a way to give baths where I don’t have to hunch over and hurt my back, get half-drowned by water, or have to clean “floaters” (use your imagination…what is brown, gross, and floats?) out of the tub and rewash everything.

9. Changing poopy diapers. This should be fairly self explanatory.

10. Running errands. I usually have three kids in tow, and if I have to visit more than one location it becomes work! You have to unbuckle, carry or hold hands with kids, control them in the store, and then load and buckle them up again. It’s exhausting and you find yourself thinking…just for a second…I’ll only be gone a few minutes for this one. How bad could it be to just crack a window and leave them here for a minute. Of course, reason always wins out…but still.

So there you have it. There are more, but I don’t hate them…just find them mildly annoying. Plus, it’s a Top Ten list…so there’s only supposed to be ten.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Chores I Hate to Do

  1. Papa Craig

    How about getting them into car seats. I know it’s a small thing, but it is so annoyoying (and didifficult). I have just never mastered those things.

  2. Here here! Although I really seriously hate doing the dishes, that might be my number one. But I absolutely hate giving baths (although neither of my kids has pooped in the tub…yet…) for the reasons you mentioned, and I also hate emptying garbages. And I second dad’s comment – I hate putting them in car seats! Bryan does it most of the time now that I’m gimpy.

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