When you really love someone…


A warning…this post is actually fairly serious. I usually keep a pretty light tone, but a thought hit me like a bolt of lightening the other day and I needed to write (or in this case, blog) about it before it flew away and became nothing more than a faint echo in the back of my mind.

Yesterday I was having my girls put their toys away towards the end of the day. This is probably the most miserable time of day, because even if there are only three toys on the entire floor it will still take them no less than 45 minutes and 50 reminders to pick those three toys up. By the end I am usually aggravated, hurt, and not sure whether to cry or laugh or yell. I usually begin launching into some lecture about how I didn’t get the fun of playing with the toys so I shouldn’t have to pick them up. Or how I am the one who cleans everyone’s clothes, brush almost everyone’s teeth, give baths, sweep, cook, etc. and all they have to do is pick their toys up at the end of the day. Or there is the one I launched into yesterday in the midst of my frustration: I know somewhere deep down you love me…if you love me why is it so hard to do this one small task for me? I’m not asking much. They don’t have to scrub grout, pull weeds, or even pick up dog poop…they just need to put away a few toys. It’s a mess they made in the first place. I was a little surprised to realize I was quite hurt by the fact that my girls couldn’t be bothered to pick up a few toys for me after all I do for them. Yeah, yeah…they’re two and four. Not exactly old enough for any type of deep reasoning but it still hurt.
Here’s where the aforementioned bolt of lightening strikes. How often is God saying this to me? How many messes do I make and then want to continue playing while God cleans it up? How often does he take care of all my needs but when He asks one thing of me I procrastinate, or whine, or complain? If I really loved Him, shouldn’t I do the few things he asks of me…and do it knowing how much, much, much more He does for me? I go through life blowing Him off. I go about my daily routine without so much as a thought towards what He has done to make my life what it is. I know the things he asks of me…love Him with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. To love my neighbor as myself. To go and tell others about Him. But I hum and haw. I focus on what I want instead of what I could be doing to demonstrate my love for Him. I think of the hurt I felt, that the girls I loved so much had demonstrated so little love towards me in that moment. Yes I knew they loved me, but their actions cut through me. How much more God must feel it, from all of his creation. This thought humbled me and I needed to share it. I promise more lighthearted frivolity in future posts, but end with this humbling thought: what have I done recently to show God my love?


Credit Card Theft for Dummies


Sir Smiley was asked to to find a guy who had stolen some lady’s credit card. First shift discovered the card had been used across the parking lot at Target. After having checked the surveillance footage at the fast food place where the card was stolen, they realized it was the actual store clerk who had used a slight of hand…directly under a surveillance camera. He then proceeded to go to the Target across the parking lot, dressed in his uniform, on his break and bought the necessities of life: an expensive gaming system. He was caught on camera there as well. So Sir Smiley and his partner, Heavy Metal, went to the fast food place to grab this model employee. He showed up late to work and when he saw the cops, first tried to make a run for it. When that failed, he asked if they were there to arrest him for his DUI warrant. They let him know it was for credit card theft and when they searched him they discovered he still had the lady’s credit card in his wallet. He kept it for over 24 hours by this point. Brilliant.



I am not super mom….that is not what this post is about. What this post IS about is my secret fantasy. Where I am shopping, going to a doctor appointment, or just running errands in general when some chemical is spilled on me and suddenly I develop superpowers. What superpowers? Well, since you asked…
I am a huge fan of Supernatural (*sighs…I see you judging me…don’t judge me!). In that show is an angel named Cass. We are skipping all theological discussions about all the ways a fictional horror show does not follow sound Biblical doctrine here, by the way. It’s make believe…not real…just laying that out there right now. I digress. Cass has the ability to teleport (or blink or whatever you want to call it…he can go from one place to another instantly). I want to do that. You see the baby across the room chewing on an electrical cord, or about to pull a dresser over on top of himself. Forget running..*poof* and you’re there! Even more than that though…Cass puts people to sleep just by touching their foreheads. Wow! Gimme that power please! Screaming kids and you’re about to lose it? Just a little tap and the house is peaceful again. So yeah…that’s my absolute favorite super power. Never have insomnia again. Just tap yourself and sleep better than a baby. Speaking of insomnia…Cass never has to sleep. How handy is that when you have three kids and none of them will nap or sleep at the same time. Not a big deal when you never get tired.
Moving on, Superman has a cool power…X-ray vision. Those moments when you are using the bathroom and it gets quiet…too quiet. Nothing good comes of a houseful of toddlers and babies making no sound. But you’re “busy”. So instead of rushing, you can just see through the walls and see if their getting into mischief. Also, the eye heating dealy. I mean, I know he uses it to burn and melt bad guys guns and stuff…but it would make cooking sooooo much faster. Superspeed would be pretty cool…cleaning and housework would take no time at all and I wod have more time to just have fun with my kids. Never a bad thing.
I don’t think having webs come out of my wrists like spiderman would be a good idea. It would be too tempting to bind my kids up when they’re driving me nuts. Better to leave that one out…but I could go for superhearing. I could hear what they’re doing on the other side of the house while I’m making dinner. Also, it would help when I’m on the phone. Kids are crying in the background (because that’s their favorite time to cry) but I can still hear what the person on the phone is saying!
I don’t think I need to mention the Incredible Hulk. I think I am already there. There are days where I think I have turned big and green. Best to leave that one alone too.

So how about it? What would be your special power?

Note: I asked Sir Smiley…he said he would want tracking capabilities. Know where the kids were at all times. Pretty good idea.

Rechargeable Batteries


I’m pretty sure I run on rechargeable batteries. If I keep running and running without taking time to “recharge”..things turn ugly and fast. Picture a musical toy whose batteries are running low…the weird off key music, doll voices that become sinister and disturbing, moving parts that become choppy or slow…and then add to the symptoms crabbiness, short temper, and randomly bursting into tears. That would be me if I don’t take a break.
I do a lot of stuff. This happens when you stay at home voluntarily. You volunteer for other things to get out of those walls that start to close in on you. I don’t care who you are, if you spend too much time at home you will start to become claustrophobic. So I do lots of different things to help break up the day (chores do NOT count). I have found, however, that I need to do some things to recharge. I need a break now and then. For those of you who are Christians, you will understand the need to be “fed” spiritually. Leading Bible studies or other church functions do not count. I have a women’s Bible Study I go to once a week where I have no responsibilities. I show up, have a chance to talk to someone taller than two feet who can form coherent sentences, eat some tasty food and learn. I get to just sit and soak up knowledge from others and learn new ways to become the wife, mother, and woman I want to be. It’s wonderful. Without this break each week, I would be like that nearly broken toy. Disturbing and off key, with random bouts of sobbing. My husband is thankful for that break too.

note: My church does a weekend getaway once a year for the ladies. We head to San Diego and eat, sleep, and lounge around on the beach. I leave in a little over a week and cannot wait! Thanks to my hubby and parents for keeping an eye on things while I’m gone. 🙂

Top Ten : Facebook Pet Peeves


I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I love keeping up with friends and family, that I can post pics and videos for relatives that live too far to see my kids regularly, and I love all those funny little memes. But there are some things that annoy me about Facebook…

10. I hate the timeline. Nothing seems to be posted in order. So if someone makes a reference to a previous status that I somehow missed….I can never seem to find it. Plus, I am close minded and hate change.

9. The time I have wasted on Facebook. It sucks you in like a vortex and you never escape. But afterwords…I can never remember what on Earth I did that kept me entertained for so long. It must be a conspiracy…

8. It really annoys me that any picture I like gets splattered onto all my friends walls. Not everyone has the same political views, religious views, parenting style, etc. So I may find a meme or article funny, but I can’t even use the like button because I don’t want to offend friends who may not….appreciate…the same humor.

7. Why is there not a dislike button? Someone posts about someone dying, or the crappy day they’ve had…I can’t exactly “like” that. I am not sadistic…well…all the time.

6. Random people friending me whom I have never met before. Stop that…it creeps me out. (I’m not talking about people you haven’t talked to in a long time or are acquaintances with…that doesn’t bother me. But I used to get random friends of friends of friends trying to friend me.) I am not on here to make friends…just keep the ones I have.

5. Typing so no one can understand. I’m talking about the new texting version of our written language. You know: OMG u c my bf! lol gtg. Wow…sometimes I feel brain cells dying. (and I’m terrible at grammar, so it’s not like my standards are super high).

4. I am guilty of this one. I love seeing people’s kids, and their pictures. But even my enthusiasm flags when someone posts hundreds of pictures at once. I have done it too…but I don’t really expect anyone but my in-laws to look at them. I have learned it’s best to use the trickle down method…upload a few at a time.

3. Speaking of trickle down..political statuses. I don’t mind articles or pictures. I may find them mildly annoying, but you can tell its an article or picture before you read it. I just skim past those babies if I’m not in the mood. But those Facebook statuses are sneaky…like ninjas. You think you’re going to see how someone is doing and then *BAM* you’re hit with some political rant and let’s be honest….I’m not getting those wasted seconds back.

2. Vague status updates. I log onto Facebook to find out how you’re doing. A status that reads, “Ugh” or “I hate my life” doesn’t help me in that purpose. You don’t have to give the dirty details, but maybe a little clarification would be helpful or why bother posting? Note: it is a different thing entirely when people just ask for prayer. At least then it has a purpose even if I don’t know the specifics.

1. Those pictures that are like chain e-mails…you know, “Like if you hate cancer, ignore if you don’t” or “like if you love Jesus, keep scrolling if you’re ashamed of him”. The picture below is the only one of those I have actually shared. See number 8 about the issue with liking pictures. I don’t want to like a picture that will go on someone else’s wall and lay a big, old guilt trip on them. That’s not how I roll. Plus, I have the personality of a mule…if someone tells me I HAVE to do something, my automatic reaction is to want to do the opposite. Just ask my mom, I was a joy to raise.


So you don’t think I’m ragin’…here is a smiley face 🙂 and I’ll add the “go to” lol so you all know how happy I am….;) lol (not just a smiley face…a winky face…I’m feeling mischievous now)

While I was pooping


Pooping is one of those bodily functions you cannot avoid (Well, maybe you could…but I’m sure there would be some serious ramifications to your health). This is something I prefer to do alone, but for some reason that never seems to happen. So here is an example of the escapades that occur…while I was pooping.

As I was…doing my business…Sasquatch comes in first. She has found the book I was reading that I had left face down. Obviously, I leave books face down to save my spot. Sasquatch was obviously concerned about what this would do to the books binding because she had nicely closed the book for me, leaving me with no mark for where I left off. Then Urpling comes running in and makes her polar bear kiss me, while stomping on my foot. After that, Sasquatch asks me to help her get her new Tinkerbell movie started. I told her I was indisposed at the moment. To finish it all off, King Toot comes crawling in (he’s mobile now) and pulls himself up on my legs and drools on me. After he finally crawls away, I hear him banging as hard as he can on our bedroom mirrors. Did I mention Sir Smiley was home? But of course Mommy is the one to visit at this particular moment.

Some day…some day…I can visit the john alone…