Rechargeable Batteries


I’m pretty sure I run on rechargeable batteries. If I keep running and running without taking time to “recharge”..things turn ugly and fast. Picture a musical toy whose batteries are running low…the weird off key music, doll voices that become sinister and disturbing, moving parts that become choppy or slow…and then add to the symptoms crabbiness, short temper, and randomly bursting into tears. That would be me if I don’t take a break.
I do a lot of stuff. This happens when you stay at home voluntarily. You volunteer for other things to get out of those walls that start to close in on you. I don’t care who you are, if you spend too much time at home you will start to become claustrophobic. So I do lots of different things to help break up the day (chores do NOT count). I have found, however, that I need to do some things to recharge. I need a break now and then. For those of you who are Christians, you will understand the need to be “fed” spiritually. Leading Bible studies or other church functions do not count. I have a women’s Bible Study I go to once a week where I have no responsibilities. I show up, have a chance to talk to someone taller than two feet who can form coherent sentences, eat some tasty food and learn. I get to just sit and soak up knowledge from others and learn new ways to become the wife, mother, and woman I want to be. It’s wonderful. Without this break each week, I would be like that nearly broken toy. Disturbing and off key, with random bouts of sobbing. My husband is thankful for that break too.

note: My church does a weekend getaway once a year for the ladies. We head to San Diego and eat, sleep, and lounge around on the beach. I leave in a little over a week and cannot wait! Thanks to my hubby and parents for keeping an eye on things while I’m gone. 🙂


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