Credit Card Theft for Dummies


Sir Smiley was asked to to find a guy who had stolen some lady’s credit card. First shift discovered the card had been used across the parking lot at Target. After having checked the surveillance footage at the fast food place where the card was stolen, they realized it was the actual store clerk who had used a slight of hand…directly under a surveillance camera. He then proceeded to go to the Target across the parking lot, dressed in his uniform, on his break and bought the necessities of life: an expensive gaming system. He was caught on camera there as well. So Sir Smiley and his partner, Heavy Metal, went to the fast food place to grab this model employee. He showed up late to work and when he saw the cops, first tried to make a run for it. When that failed, he asked if they were there to arrest him for his DUI warrant. They let him know it was for credit card theft and when they searched him they discovered he still had the lady’s credit card in his wallet. He kept it for over 24 hours by this point. Brilliant.


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