Get Smart


Sometimes I feel like I should be an agent on the show Get Smart. Most of my job consists of trying to eliminate…or at least try to control….the evil Kaos. Plus, there is enough humor in what goes on around here to fit the bill.

I wouldn’t be much better than Maxwell Smart. Kaos so often seems to be winning in my house. Urpling had taken off her diaper during her nap and peed all over Sasquatch’s bed. While changing the sheets King Toot started chewing on the cord for my iPad’s charger. I quickly grabbed him only to hear Sasquatch ringing my teacher bell. It’s on the top shelf of our bookcase…the bookcase that goes to the ceiling. Oh, and their Halloween costumes came in the mail. So the girls’ room smells like pee…King Toot is apparently attempting suicide via electrocution and I have Belle and a butterfly running around singing jibberish. Humor…check. Control…not so much.

It’s funny, and yet there are moments where you are certain at some point someone will inform you you’re on Candid Camera because real life couldn’t possibly be like this. I am missing a sound track with a laugh track, ominous music and applause. I wonder if I could get that on Amazon?

Since I have been unsuccessful in my war on Kaos, I have decided to Get Smart…and just ride the wave until I accidentally stumble on the solution. That seems to work on TV.


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