Christians and politics


Get your pitchforks and torches! It’s a political post!


A few things before we dive into the mud wrestling/gladiator spectacle that has become political discussions. Let’s make this the first of many disclaimers. Disclaimer #1: I follow politics. I am passionate about some political issues. I will participate in political debates on occasion. But I have felt convicted about some areas of politics that I wanted to share.

Basically, when a friend posted a blog with similar ideas to what have been churning around in my head, this was my comment: My thought on politics: how often do we preach our political party like it’s our religion and our political leaders like they’re our messiah? The inevitable conclusion of that form of thinking is the opponent is the devil and those who follow him are his minions. (So that was almost word for word because it was one of those moments where I was amazed at how smart I sounded. Until I realized I said their instead of they’re…so close! I fixed it here…thus it’s not completely word for word.). In a nutshell, the Church as a whole needs to stop being more passionate about political issues than they are about God. (Disclaimer #2: I’m not saying to drop out of politics altogether and live like a hermit. Be informed, vote, express opinions if need be. But where are your priorities?) What are you more passionate about? The next political buzz phrase or God? Who are you hurting in your attempts to prove yourself right in a political debate? I love to think I’m right about everything. But if we are all honest with ourselves…we’re wrong about something. No one on this planet is 100% right. So statistically…something you’re passionately advocating could be wrong. If you actually sit and ponder that for a minute it is very humbling. I may believe certain economic ideas are better than others, I may even have charts or experts to quote to help back me up. But so does the other side and when it comes right down to it there is only one thing I am 100% certain is true…and that is God and what He says. So which should I be more passionate about?
What this world needs is not another political leader. Romney will be wrong about somethings…so will President Obama. They cannot and will not save this country. This world needs God, He is the only one who can truly save us. The Church should be creating changed hearts, not forcing a change in outward behaviors. For example, instead of pushing to make gay marriage illegal…how about a revival of our own marriages? Christians have just as high a divorce rate as everyone else. It’s hard to preach at others about the sanctity of marriage when our own example falls so short. (Disclaimer #3: I am not trying to lay guilt on anyone who is divorced. But what I am saying is…if we have a revival in the Church…that number should drop. There are always extenuating circumstances and divorce can’t always be avoided. But many marriages could be saved if we were focusing on God instead of ourselves.).
There is the outrage over the separation of church and state. When Christianity has become nothing more than a hobby to be performed on Sunday mornings, it’s hard for people to see why it shouldn’t be separated from other areas of our lives. We already do! If we were to live our love for God passionately, if we were to be vocal and unashamed of God and let Him take over and transform every area of our life, things would change. It would become obvious why separation of church and state is not possible…if our religion is more than a series of rituals but instead is something that makes us who we are. (Disclaimer #4: I don’t advocate a theocracy. But neither do I feel a person working in government should chuck their beliefs at the door. It’s what makes us who we are, it is the prism through which we view the world and affects every decision we make. Allowing religion in government does not mean we discriminate against other religions…but allow all in.).

So basically, I think Christians should be hitting their knees before they hit the voting booths. We should be searching our own hearts, sacrificing our own selfish ambition and pledge loyalty to God, not a political party. Finally, as you talk politics keep this in the back of your mind…what’s your purpose in this discussion: is it to prove your right, or be an example of God in this person’s life? Disclaimer #5: Before you take my passion about this as superiority…this is something I felt convicted about. So logically this means I am very guilty of this at times. So I’m not preaching at you, just sharing a change of heart I’ve been experiencing recently.


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