A piece of cupcake


Urpling turns 3 tomorrow. I can’t get over how big she is…or how weird. (don’t judge…that’s my favorite part about her) We had her birthday party today and it was a fun round of barely controlled chaos that I thoroughly enjoyed. We ordered pizza and I made some cupcakes that are supposed to look like fish swimming in their tanks. Here’s a little backstory for you: a while ago I bought a cupcake cookbook thinking it would be fun. It turns out that I am about as close to being Betty Crocker as a lobster is to a white taffeta dress…so not much. I attempted cupcakes for a few parties and Sir Smiley would often find me sobbing into frosting, or muttering like a crazy person when the frosting was either too warm and dribbled all over or was too cool and wouldn’t let me smear it around. These experiences probably contribute to me laughing to the point of crying every time I see this picture:


But this time around I had a brainwave. I’ll only make them for the kids. The adults can just have regularly frosted cupcakes. 8 vs 20 is a huge difference in stress and…quality. They actually turned out great. Here is my proof:


There were supposed to be bits of seaweed made of fruit leather on the sides, but when I added the first piece and stood back it was awful. Then my grandma standing next to me said one remark: “what’s that supposed to be?” and that was enough to convince me that they looked just fine without seaweed. These goldfish were about to be eaten so they didn’t really need the oxygenating effects of seaweed anyway. Their days were numbered.

So we had a blast, the kids ran around and chased each other, and the grown ups stood around talking and telling various children, “You’re fine, walk it off” as they crashed into various objects or each other. All in all, a very good day. Happy Birthday little Urpling! May you always march to the beat of your own drum!


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