Nonverbal Communication


I have discovered that I have reached a new level of motherhood. In geek terms, I am no longer a noob. The “nonverbal communication” achievement has been unlocked. I now can communicate with my kids…almost telepathically. I noticed it today. Sasquatch was using a toy that she and Urpling were supposed to be sharing. She was purposely using it for as long as possible. Then it happened…she looked up at me and I gave her “the look”. You know what I’m talking about:


We’ve all experienced this at one time or another…from a parent or teacher. Without saying a word, I looked at her and Sasquatch paused, sighed, and slowly handed the toy to Urpling…never breaking eye contact. I can almost hear the conversation:
Me: Give that toy to Urpling.
Sasquatch: Do I have to? Fine. But I’ll do it as slowly as possible just to expert a bit or control into the situation and show you how little I enjoy it.

Then everyone resumed their business. When did this happen? I’m not sure, but I like it. Sure beats screaming or yelling or turning into a giant rage-monster.


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