Halloween Fails…and successes


We had a blast here in the ktpeace family this Halloween. So in the spirit of this blog and the holiday, I thought it would be best to share our Halloween fails and some successes. Here’s some of the dos and don’ts I learned this Halloween:

Do buy your favorite candy…and eat it. Why stock up candy you don’t like? Already I went into Sir Smiley’s room to find that he had snuck a huge bag of candy into his room and was shoveling it into his special treasure box. (yes, he has a special treasure box…you’re telling me you don’t? Lamesauce)

Don’t forget to buckle your infant son into his stroller. Or there is the slight possibility he may slowly slide out onto the sidewalk towards the end of trick or treating and you may turn around and see him sitting on the ground with a sleepy and surprised look on his face. Not saying this happened….but you never know.

Do dress up…and go all out. I never had so much fun as I did this Halloween. It doesn’t need to be a costume everyone would recognize either. I was Codex from The Guild. The fun was in the random people who knew who I was that I didn’t expect.



Don’t let your kids grab candy off the ground. Again, not saying this happened, but sometimes kids will spot candy on the ground and only tell you about it after they mixed it in with an entire bucketful of candy.

Do have lots of friends and family get together. The more the merrier. Having all those people to trick or treat with was loads of fun! Plus, more people to help keep track of your kids and keep them from running into the street.

Don’t let your new puppy run around without a leash. That family with three small kids really doesn’t want to see your puppy inches away from being squished right in front of them by the outlandishly huge pick up.

Do label drinks. Or you may accidentally drink out of someone else’s cup…and in a party with small kids that is a very dangerous thing.

Don’t leave beverages on lower level surfaces. Urpling stayed well hydrated by polishing off everyone else’s beverages tonight.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween! This cosplaying Codex is off to bed. I leave you with a few pics of the ktpeace family role playing as a butterfly, Princess Belle, Captain America, and Codex.





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