One Fine Day


Yesterday was a typical day, just one day out of many in a life with three small children. So just to give you a taste if a typical day with three kids under the age of 5, here are the highlights:

King Toot found his new absolute favorite thing ever. This replaces his former absolute favorite thing ever: chewing on flip flops. Chewing on flip flops had replaced his absolute favorite thing ever: playing in the dog bowl. But he had a brain wave…why not combine them? So now his absolute favorite thing ever is dipping flip flops into the dog bowl and then chewing on them! What could be more germ filled, make mom gag, possibly contract hepatitis, awesomesauce fun than this. (except maybe eating dog poop…like he did here)

Urpling is now almost completely potty trained. She also refuses to use a potty chair since Sasquatch doesn’t. She cannot be upstaged by her big sister. But even after these potty training successes, we get suspicious if Urpling is in the bathroom for an extended period of time (like more than 30 seconds of silence) Sir Smily and I were sitting in the man cave talking (and no, that is not code. We really were talking. Trust me, my innuendos are never subtle…) Finally Sir Smiley decides to investigate and find out why Urpling has been in the bathroom for so long. Turns out she was giving her rear end a good soak in the toilet. She had dangled herself so far down into the toilet that her butt was submersed in the water. This apparently was an enjoyable experience considering the fit she threw when her daddy informed her to never…never…never…NEVER do that again.

Not even an hour later Urpling is back in the bathroom. This time she decided to lift up all the lids and sit directly on the porcelain bowl…centimeters above the water…and poop. Sir Smiley was the lucky one who had to try and wipe her without sticking his hand in the water at the same time.

There was of course the milk dumped all over the ground at lunch, and later that night during Bible study King Toot urped formula and hot dog bits all over Sir Smiley’s feet.

This is the real reason my hubby is my hero…he took all this like a champ! Here’s to many more fine days in the future.
Edit: After writing this, our garbage disposal clogged so now our kitchen sink is nonfunctional…another fine day indeed…


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