Top Ten Inventions


Here is another Top 10 List. This is the Top 10 Inventions that someone needs to invent.

10. Friendly and angry car horns. My horn always sounds angry. Which is fine when some jerk almost killed myself and my progeny to save three seconds of travel time. But in those moments where I just want to send a friendly hello or to let someone know the light turned green I need a happy sounding horn.

9. GPS for everything. Not just my phone…but my keys, wallet, credit cards and kids. I lose everything.

8. All purpose doctor’s note. Cause I never have one when I need one.

7. Back to the future Hover board. Oh, and where’s my bathroom fax machine?

6. Van intercom. My kids constantly try to talk to me from the back of the van and I never have any idea what they’re trying to say. They are louder than anything on the planet until we get in the van and then they mumble. An intercom so I can hear them clearly would be awesome.

5. Dog roomba. Doesn’t vacuum or sweep but goes outside and picks up dog poop every time they do their “business”.

4. Mute button. Like the easy button but puts up an invisible sound barrier and gives me blessed silence whenever I so desire.

3. Husband/wife translator. Just turn it on, say something and let it translate to your spouse for you.
Wife: The kids are driving me crazy! Translation: You need to take the kids and let me take an uninterrupted shower that lasts longer than 5 minutes or we will make the evening news.

2. Personal Assistant. Not a PDA. (did that date me or what? Maybe iPhone smartphone or something like that would be more up to date…). I never remember to enter things into my phone. This needs to anticipate my every move. It should hear me make appointments and enter them without my asking. Basically, it needs to be smarter than me.

1. Rosie. Really, many of these would be unnecessary if I had Rosie from the Jetsons. Now that would be awesomesauce.


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