Mortifying Moments : Acne


I have decided I need a new section on this blog. Mortifying moments. Those little moments where your kids do something that every (honest) parent has experienced, yet that knowledge brings you no comfort.
This particular moment is brought to you by a bad case of acne and the check out line. I was loading groceries onto that fun little conveyer belt whilst also trying to prevent King Toot from grabbing and ripping apart groceries, signs, credit card machines, etc. In the background, I hear Sasquatch talking to the young clerk as he is ringing all these groceries up. I didn’t pay much attention at first because Sasquatch is quite verbal, usually polite, and old enough where she likes to talk to people. Compared to destructo baby and the wandering three year old who at that point was a couple aisles over doing a little “window shopping”, she was the least if my problems…or so I thought. Then it registered what she was saying. In an obscenely loud voice, Sasquatch repeated the same question over and over again…”What’s on your face?” I will tell you what he had on his face…zits. He was putting a good effort toward pretending he couldn’t hear her. I tried to subtly grab Sasquatch and tell her to stop asking that. It didn’t work. (shocking, I know). She instead turns and asks me what is on his face. I turn away from the clerk and tell her we’ll talk about it later. But no, instead she decides she will have more success by asking him again. Three more times. I started tapping her every time she said it and mouthing no, but four year olds have never been the greatest at picking up on subtle hints and this was no different. I couldn’t even look at his face for too long after that as I flee the store. I think what made the whole thing worse was how obviously uncomfortable the entire thing had made him. I may need to find a new store to do my shopping for the next couple months…or years…


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