Get the guns ready


I went to the park tonight. It was gorgeous out, right around dusk and there is a really nice park. In our old neighborhood we had a park…where the gangs liked to hang out and you had to comb the sand for needles and broken bottle bits. But this park is awesome in comparison. Some little rock climbing areas…small and big playgrounds…swings of all sizes…the clientele is much nicer too…and most importantly there are bathrooms and water fountains. Anyways. I am mainly hanging out with King Toot to make sure there is no consumption of dog poo or sand. I was (mostly) successful. He played on the swing, and then proceeded to terrify me by taking off and climbing all the stairs to the top of a slide. I took him down the slide and then back up he went. We did that for a good half hour. While this is going on the girls are running around climbing and sliding. Sasquatch made friends with a little boy her age. She would run around and he would follow her having a grand ole time. When it was time to leave I went and gathered my children. As I approached the little boy looked at me and announced loudly, “this is my girlfriend!”. My outward response: “Oh really?” Inside my response: “Good gravy, she’s not even five.” I was half amused and half terrified. The terror sprang from a rare glimpse into the future. When she will actually be some guy’s girlfriend. The thought is terrifying. I managed to regain my senses and come back to the present when the boy happily introduced himself as Ryan. Sir Smiley better get his arsenal ready, boys are already after our oldest. I wonder if there is a spot in the baby book for “First Boyfriend”?


2 thoughts on “Get the guns ready

    • Yesterday Sasquatch watched Sir Smiley and I kiss on the lips and then announced that she kisses her husband on the lips too…since she has already decided she’s married to a little boy at church we thought it might be best to intervene. Something only grown ups do. Yeah. That girl keeps me on my toes!

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