First World Problems: Kids Edition


Now for the sake of fairness I would like to first say, my initial thought was to have a first world problems: mommy edition. Because if I’m honest, I am just as whiney as my kids. I just use bigger words and less screaming. (there’s still screaming but I also use these things called words when I am unhappy about something.). But the awesome ladies over at Rants From Mommyland already did one and there is no way I am topping them.


So…here is a list of various tantrums and meltdowns from my kids that definitely goes along with this whole first world problems fad that’s been going around…

My dresses were all dirty…so I had to wear shorts.

I wanted Mac and Cheese but my mom made chicken enchiladas instead.

I wanted the red vitamin but I got purple instead.

My little sister took MY spot on the couch.

I wanted to scribble in the hymnals at church and mommy wouldn’t let me.

My sister got in the van before me and I wanted to go first.

I have to pick up my toys after I play with them.

I wanted to wear flip flops but my mom made me wear shoes.

I HAVE to take a nap!

The grocery store didn’t have the Lunchable I wanted.

My mom only lets me watch ONE movie a day. (yes they watch TV every day…don’t judge)

What are some of your kids first world problems?


5 thoughts on “First World Problems: Kids Edition

    • It depends on the day for us. But I’ve been trying to cut back ever since someone posted they were going to warp their TV up for the month of December and open it on Christmas and I almost died at the thought. I am certain the kids would starve if I didn’t have a movie running while I cooked dinner…either way we tried to cut back to one movie a day…

  1. Oh, and here are some of mine…”I wanted to play with the cup when I was taking a bath but mom made me take turns with my brother, so I had to play with Elmo instead.” “My mom put my sippy cup on my tray and I wanted it on the table instead.” “I wanted to wear my BLUE bib but it was all wet because my mom just washed it, so I had to wear my green bib. I didn’t feel like wearing my green bib.” “I got stick stuff on my fingers while I was eating.” “I wanted to go for a walk, but then when mom got me all dressed she tried to take me out the front door instead of the back door. I threw a fit to let her know this was unacceptable, and she told me if I didn’t stop throwing a fit we couldn’t go for a walk. I of course ignored her and then she had the nerve not to take me on a walk.” These are all from yesterday and today…

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