I heart Christmas


I totally heart Christmas. It has always been, hands down, the greatest holiday ever. This is not up for debate. So every Christmas I want to pass this love on to my little ones. Last year I started writing down a list of the fun things we did that I wanted to become tradition.

1. When my in-laws got married, apparently they discovered they had absolutely nothing to decorate a Christmas tree with. Not wanting that to happen to their kids, they started the tradition of giving ornaments every year to their kids that were labeled with their name and the year. I love it. They have done it now for our kids. So every year at Thanksgiving I have started giving our kids an ornament with their initials and the year.

2. After Thanksgiving we decorate the house for Christmas. We crank the Christmas tunes, start a fire in the fireplace and decorate the tree and everything else. When we’re done we sit around the fire eating various snacks that so far have included popcorn, hot chocolate, s’mores,and brownies in a mug. (the brownies in a mug we did this year and they turned out pretty good. The girls loved them! See picture at the end if you want to know how to make them.)

3. Advent Calendar. I love this. I finally found one this year…it’s not a fancy permanent one, but it still helps the kids count down to Christmas. I still hope to find one where it has the pouches and you put chocolates in it…cause anything with chocolate is automatically awesome.

4. Drive around looking at Christmas lights and the stopping for hot chocolate and/or ice cream.

5. On actual Christmas morning we open the things in our stockings. We have a stocking for Jesus where we write our goals of what we want to do for God this next year. We read the ones from last year and write down ones for the next year and put them in Jesus’ stocking. I make Monkey Bread and we read the Christmas story. Then we open the presents under the tree. Later that day during our Christmas dinner we have a birthday cake for Jesus and sing him Happy Birthday. (Yeah, yeah…I understand that this isn’t technically Jesus’ birthday and used to be some pagan holiday that the early church changed…blah, blah, blah. You know what? I don’t care…it’s the date we now celebrate his birth so this is just a fun way to do that. I could do it in spring but let’s be honest…that just gets too confusing. Plus, how can you turn down cake?)

So those are some of our traditions. What traditions do you have with your family?



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