In the drive thru


Both Sir Smiley and I have had head colds. So cooking dinner was something neither of us was prepared to handle. McDonalds was calling our name. We pull up in the drive thru and I place our order. They didn’t have the drink Sasquatch wanted so there was a quick discussion where she chose lemonade. After I placed the order she yells out, “I want a toy too! Did you ask them for a toy?” Another discussion about the fact that kids meals automatically come with toys. Sasquatch seemed skeptical but took on an attitude of we’ll wait and see who’s right. (FYI….I was. I am ALWAYS right) We wait for the car in front of us to get their food. She asks where his kids are as he is the only one in the vehicle. I tell her he’s probably getting food for himself. She’s dumbfounded. Then she states, “He must be getting his kids food and bringing it home to them.” Apparently, in her world, McDonalds is only for kids. Here we have one of many adventures that happen in the van…


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