Third Time’s a Charm…


I have three kids. Third time’s a charm is an expression you often hear. But it’s not accurate when referring to kids. Why? Because now you are truly outnumbered. You have three times as many things to keep track of, to wash, to clean, to feed, and to care for. So instead of becoming better at managing things…I seem to be slowly and steadily becoming worse. Baby books are an excellent example. I am proud to say I have still been writing in King Toots…but instead of every month or few weeks it is every few months. Now the entries are no longer dates but approximate months of when things happen. I seem to always forget the camera and instead of uploading pics and videos every few weeks it has become a biyearly occurrence. In my defense, I got an iPad and I am still awesome at uploading those. Two clicks and I’m done. But the camera…I have to first find the adapter to the computer…than hook it up…than download them…then edit and tag and such…than e-mail…and video requires even more editing…just hard to get myself all motivated for it. So my in-laws owe a debt of gratitude to Apple or they would probably not recognize their grand kids…that and Skype. Oh, and the really big celebrations lose their excitement. Take a third child, chuck their birthday in the middle of the Christmas season and what do you get? Mommy suddenly realizing a week before his birthday that King Toot is turning one in a week and maybe we should do something to commemorate the occasion. Yeah…no guilt complex there.
So today we celebrated his birthday a week or so late and combined it with a Christmas party with my immediate family. We (hopefully) won’t pull that on him when he gets older but for now he doesn’t seem the worse for wear and we all still had fun and even got the obligatory baby massacring the cake pictures. We all had fun and the kids still got a nice sugar rush.
I may not be as orderly and perfect as a mom now. I am definitely more lax about what will upset me as a parent. I can’t hover the way I used to and multitasking is no longer something I can avoid. I do use the TV to help ensure I can make the kids dinner that isn’t take out, and my kids are often the ones running into people at grocery stores as I try to herd them through the aisles. I yell more than I like, no longer pee alone, can’t get chores done when kids nap, and can’t tend to a crying child the instant they start crying, But my kids still seem to be relatively happy and while there always seems to be someone going through a “phase” that drives me nuts…I am also more likely to have a kid being so cute they make up for it. So for those moms like me that are trying to hold back the tide…do your best and leave the rest!


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