You make bath time so…not fun


The kids love bath time. I have no idea why. It’s awful. I have yet to discover a way to bathe them where it doesn’t end with at least two out of the three kids screaming or crying. I also have yet to discover a way to wash them that doesn’t kill my back. The biggest problem is washing hair. King Toot has none so he’s easy. Get him a little moist with a washcloth, lather, rinse. Boom, he’s done. Any crying lasts for a few seconds and then playing resumes. But the girls are another story entirely. I only wash their hair a few times a week, so some bath time experiences are not as bad. But on the days I have to get their hair clean because they’re starting to look they’ve had a bucket of melted butter dumped on their heads it’s awful. First, I have to get their hair wet. But I have to make sure it’s all the way to the scalp, and appearances can be deceiving. It will look soaking wet on top, but after I put the shampoo in I’ll discover that it’s bone dry at the scalp. So then instead of lathering up and getting soapy…it turns into a pasty goo that I cannot seem to get to their scalp. Then I have to rinse it off. My girls have enough patience to hold still for about 15 seconds and then it’s a wrestling match. 15 seconds is about enough time to rinse their forehead off. Trying to rinse the top of their heads without soap or water in their eyes while they are slippery and squirmy is like trying to put lipstick on a fish you just caught. Only fish don’t scream. By the end I’m soaking, my back is killing me and the kids are all crying. Yet they ask for baths constantly. I’ve tried showers but the kids fight over who gets the water, I still end up soaking, and my back still hurts. I think I will shave their heads and then hose them off in the back yard every morning. Any suggestions would be awesome.


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