Great grandparents


I had a wonderful morning with my Grandparents. They live nearby and we headed over to their house for a yummy breakfast of freshly baked monkey bread and Christmas presents. The kids had fun playing with them. I just kept thinking about the fact that none of my great grandparents lived long enough for me to play with them or make memories with them. Many of my school friends growing up didn’t have grandparents around anymore, let alone great grandparents. Yet my kids not only have all of their grandparents to love in them, they still have six great grandparents as well. So I sat there and watched my kids…my highly energetic kids…dragging their great grandparents all over the house and yard to look for treasures, having a tea party, and swinging on the patio swing. My grandparents still even pick up King Toot and hold him, which at 30 pounds is no small feat. My grandma made handmade gifts for all thirteen of her grandkids, comes to all my kids birthdays, and even reads this crazy blog of mine. (Hi Grandma!). So today I am grateful for the long life God has blessed my grandparents (and Matt’s) with. The term is spot on…they are GREAT grandparents.


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