Flashback: Planning the Surprise


About a month ago, I had a crazy idea come to me while trying to figure out presents for my in-laws. Why not drive half way across the country and surprise them on Christmas with a visit from their grandkids? It seemed crazy, but the more I thought about the more I wanted to try it. This started an insane month of planning and scheming. But as it was a surprise I couldn’t blog about it. So this week I’ll have some flashback blogs mixed in where I will finally get to post about the adventures in this crazy undertaking. This first one is about the initial planning. This idea seemed impossible. Mainly, how to make sure Sir Smiley’s parents (we’ll call them Mr. and Mrs. Optimistic) didn’t take off that week, or have extra visitors and such. Also, with Sir Smiley’s schedule, in order to make it by Christmas we would drive like crazy and get there 1am. Not a great surprise for them at that time of night. So we needed a spy, and that’s where Sir Smiley’s sister came into the picture. She lives a few blocks from their parents house so she was a perfect candidate. I called her and announced we were coming to visit, that her parents didn’t know and oh…could we crash on your floor the night of Christmas Eve? Luckily Sir Smiley’s family is pretty easy going and she agreed to be our eyes and ears for the next month..and keep it all a secret! Thus begins our one month journey of making this all work.


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