“Up North”


This weekend we took a mini vacation from my in-laws to visit relatives of mine that live up in “the sticks”…aka “up north”. It’s called the sticks because it has a lot of trees. Trees upon trees upon trees with farms scattered in them. It is quiet, peaceful, and cold. As we drove up the driveway Sasquatch remarked, “Wow! They live in a forest!” So true. The weekend was filled with lots of good food and fun in the snow. My uncle tied the sled to his four wheeler and pulled us arumd through the woods. All the kids absolutely loved it! Then we went sledding, which Sasquatch loved. Urpling and King Toot not so much. King Toot tolerated it and seemed to neither enjoy nor dislike the experience. Urpling, however, cried at the bottom and instead spent the rest of the time in typical Urpling fashion. Sneaking up behind others and stealing their sleds and sending the sleds down the hill…empty…cheering the entire time they slid down the hill. Of course no one else cheered, but that mattered little to her. After the weekend here is my list of a few of the things I love about visiting my relatives up here:

Never have to lock my doors. My aunt says they lock the house occasionally to keep the bears out. But apparently they haven’t mastered car doors yet.

I think I have spent the entire time laughing. They are a jolly group and have great senses of humor. I can tell because they all laugh at my jokes. 😉

Everyone knows each other. Sasquatch leapt out of the car when we go to the sledding hill, ran up to the top, and some family up there gave her their sled to use while we were unloading. She then skidded with their kids as well. It’s a nice feeling to know the other people out there have your back.

Awesome food. My aunt cooks a nice feast. Ham, potatoes, stuffing, gravy, rolls, Carmel rolls, waffles, spaghetti…the list goes on and on. I think I gained ten pounds in two days.

Lots of kids. Most of my cousins live nearby and their kids are all relatively the same age. So it’s nonstop playmates for my kids for the entire weekend. They’re rambunctious and hopefully it will toughen my kids whining up a bit. (hopefully after a weekend with energetic, wrestling boys Urpling will no longer wail and cry about owies she gets from running into a wall, bumping her elbow on some soft, squishy surface)

The wildlife. Didn’t see as much this time around, but I did see deer in the ditch on the way up (alive…not road kill…) and a whole herd of wild turkeys on the way back. It was entertaining to say the least.

They bend over backwards to make me feel comfortable. Cooking large quantities of tasty food, chasing my kids around for me, and cleaning up after my family. I tried to help pick up and my aunt yelled at me. 🙂

So now I am driving back to the in-laws and then a few more fun filled days with their Grandma and Grandpa before we head back. Visiting various relatives on the way back, this is a last hurrah before Sasquatch starts kindergarten!


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