Flashback: Troubleshooting


I am still here in balmy MN…I think it was above zero today. I will need to thaw for a few weeks when I get home. I have a few more days with the in-laws and then I start a long windy trek home where I visit various relatives around the country as I head in the vague direction of home. In the meantime, here is another flashback of planning this surprise trip. This is basically a summary of all the little issues that popped up while trying to plan this surprise.

The first was trying to talk to various people we wanted to visit without it getting back to Mr and Mrs Optimistic. Mostly was a heavy handed warning to not breath a word of this on the social media sites…like Facebook.

I kept wanting to blog about the joys of trying to pack for a two to three week trip but of course that may have clued them in that something was up.

Talking about Christmas plans with them…without actually talking about our real Christmas plans. I had to avoid Skype as my poker face is awesome. And by that I mean my poker face is awesome for anyone playing against me as you can always tell when I’m hiding something.

Figuring out logistics of how to actually surprise them. Do we head over to their house and try to sneak in without them seeing? Also, how to make sure they had enough food at the meal for 5 extra people. Then the issue came up when they decided they wanted to have the family Christmas the Sunday before. That took away his sister’s excuse to come visit. Ultimately we decided to have his sister invite them over to her house for breakfast. That way we didn’t have to sneak in and we knew to make enough food for an extra family.

Then we had to try to hide all evidence that we were there. We planned on hiding the van around the corner and try to keep the kiddos quiet and out of sight.

We also couldn’t tell Sasquatch about the plans we had. Mainly because she can’t keep a secret. If she’s excited about something…the world must know. Since Mrs Optimistic would notice if we didn’t call her for a month we just kept it a secret from the kiddos too. That way Sasquatch wouldn’t spill the beans.

But, amazingly, we managed to navigate all the weird twists and turns and shockingly enough they had no clue.


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