The Long Road Back


We’re on the long road back home. About 2,00 miles to cover and making long loopy routes back to visit various relatives all over the country. It is only the start of the week long trek back and already it has been fascinating. Some highlights:

Sasquatch, in the middle of nowhere, starts squealing because the large remote control cars antenna was tangled in her hair. I look in the review mirror and sure enough this heavy car is dangling down the side of her head as she frantically pulls on it to get it off. I assured her I would exit as soon as I could but fortunately she managed to extract the toy before I had to.

Shopping with an Amish man at the grocery store. My kids thought he was awesome.

Abby discovering Barbies. I’m sure Sir Smiley won’t be pleased but I loved Barbies growing up and it’s fun to watch her play with them.

Learning knew card games. On the list is Spoons and Hand and Foot. (I secretly call it hand, foot and mouth…but let’s keep that between us.)

One cousin (who is Sasquatch’s age) saving a jar of marbles from King Toot and announcing, ” No, No! You can’t have these! Not even one!”

Next stop is Sir Smiley’s grandma’s house tomorrow. Long car ride there again. Bring it on…


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