Flashback: The Grand Finale


Here it is…the final installment of my flashback series. The grand finale of this whole escapade. If you haven’t yet…it would be best to read the other flashback posts first so you know what exactly is going on here.

There is:
Flashback: Planning the Surprise


Flashback: Troubleshooting

We load up the van and leave around 1am the Sunday before Christmas…right after Sir Smiley got off of work. We drove for about 14-15 hours and then stayed with my sister for the night. Then off again at 8 in the morning on Christmas Eve and drove for another 14-15 hours and arrived at the house of Sir Smiley’s sister at 1am on Christmas morning.
We all hung out for a bit as we settled the kids down on various spots on the floor. We also hid the van around the corner. Of course Sir Smiley’s sister (We’ll just call her Auntie and her husband Uncle…my brain is fried and coming up with cute nicknames is just not in my mental capacity at the moment) wondered if we’d pulled it off. Did Mr and Mrs Optimistic have any idea what our plans were? Auntie commented that Mrs Optimistic had commented that Sir Smiley finally had Christmas Day off but didn’t know what his plans were because he hadn’t called her all week. We decided they probably hadn’t figured it out and headed to bed…or the floor.
The next morning Mr and Mrs Optimistic were supposed to come over for breakfast around 10. I gave the kids baths and got them all dressed and ready. Then I helped make breakfast. In the meantime I also texted Mrs Optimistic wishing her a Merry Christmas and mentioned we should Skype later. She responded that she would like that but first she was headed to Auntie’s for breakfast (wink, wink). Auntie texted them and told them to text her when they were on their way over.
When the text came we hid our kids in the kitchen in the back of the house so that we wouldn’t be seen and waited. The girls knew the plan….not a sound until we told them and then they were to run around the corner yelling “Merry Christmas!” as loud as they could.
We hear the door open and wait a minute. Then the girls run around the corner just as planned. The response is silence. We don’t hear a thing. Wondering if she passed out we come around the corner to see her hugging the girls and crying her eyes out. Right then Mr Optimistic came in looking as surprised as could be. Pretty sure they didn’t have a clue. We all sat around chatting and eating breakfast together…and for the next few hours Mrs Optimistic would occasionally leak a few tears of joy. She had all her grand babies under one roof for Christmas. Those moments were worth all the long hours of driving and exhaustion.
There you have it. The whole long journey and adventure for our big Christmas surprise. I now am back at my sister’s house. I head out tomorrow for my last two days of driving that will bring me back home. This is definitely a Christmas for the memory books!


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