Dr Jekyll and Miss Hyde


Maybe those of you with three year olds can offer some comfort. Urpling is now three…and her emotions are all over the map. Now I don’t remember Sasquatch being this bad…but maybe I’ve blocked these episodes from my memory. Now Urpling…I don’t know what to think. She may be about to start her period soon because PMS is the only explanation I can think of for her wild and insane mood swings. One minute she is adorable, sweet, the picture of melt-your-heart cuteness and then the next minute she is screaming like she’s dying or whining in a tone that is similar to nails on a chalkboard or seriously she groans and grunts like she’s pooping. Why? No idea but even Ghandi would have problems keeping calm through this torture. Mainly her fits seem to be brought on by some weird OCD thing. Like, the fan isn’t on when she goes to bed…even though it’s 30 degrees outside. Her buckle isn’t buckled the second she’s in her seat. I put the wrong booster seat on her chair. I turned a light switch on that she wanted…no…needed to. She wants me to give her 50 million hugs throughout breakfast or she’ll sob like her dog just died. There is no reasoning with her. No explanation is adequate for her. She just screams and wails until your contemplating violence in ways you never thought possible before. So please…tell me I’m not the only one!

Note: Rants from Mommyland again brings me comfort with this post


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