When it Rains…it Pours…


Warning…this is a bit of venting. So if your looking for a post that is all warm and cuddly you should probably skip this one. That saying, “When it rains, it pours” is almost literal for our family recently…or the saying of “saving up for a rainy day”. The past two months have been a string of events culminating in the newest frustrations this week. First we had dealt with termites just a few days before we left on that little trip of ours over Christmas. Of course treating for termites is always so cheap. (that was sarcastic…in case you missed the subtlety) Then once we got back all the kids got sick and several of our friends were…injured. (basically we’ve spent quite a bit of time in hospitals recently visiting all our “broken” friends…Sir Smiley’s term, not mine). Of course during this time, the clutch ceases to function in Sir Smiley’s car so we were down to one car for our family while trying to visit and help injured friends and sick kids. Which took over a week to fix. Then of course there was the incident with Sasquatch and her ear which you can read about here.. We made it through all of this and seemed to be finally getting back into some sort of routine, Sir Smiley’s car was fixed for much cheaper than we expected and the kids were healthy. Then the kids start to get sick again. Small annoyance, but it makes them clingy which made yesterday morning especially fun when it starts raining…and not just outside. Seems our roof isn’t quite as functional as one would hope. Our friendly repair guy neighbor came over and fixed it with a quick patch job but the bottom line is….we need a new roof. So sometimes when it rains it pours…quite literally…and it’s a good thing we had at least some money saved up for a rainy day.


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