Valentine’ Day


Yeah, so the title is extraordinarily uncreative. But my brain is feeling uncreative and I didn’t feel like forcing something that would look both uncreative, forced, and quite possibly corny. Corny to the point of making you cry. So I went with blatantly uncreative. Aaaaaaaanyway….today is Valentine’s Day. I have also heard it called Single Awareness Day. I have watched the gamut of various Facebook postings ranging from pictures of fabulous flower, chocolates, and other gifts…to gushing on other’s Facebook walls…to rants about the evils of Valentine’s Day. I have to admit I don’t take huge issue with Valentine’s Day. This is coming from a girl who never dated at all until she was 21, and that aside from her husband only dated one guy for a few months. Valentine’s Day was not usually spent with a significant other. That being said, I did get gifts and have fun. My dad was awesome at sending us a little something for the ladies in his life until we were more seriously “attached”. In college huge groups of us would go out to the local Baker Square and hang out every Valentine’s Day. When I got a job as a teacher I would get all kinds of goodies from my students. To me it was a day to show anyone you cared…not just whomever you were dating/engaged/married/whatever else.
I can see how it would start to bother someone who is single and doesn’t wish to be. I also get that stores and companies totally cash in on it. But what holiday don’t they? Maybe we should rant about birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. But each of these holidays has some good points…celebrating others. I honestly can’t understand the idea of taking offense to a holiday that is all about demonstrating love for each other. It certainly shouldn’t be the only time we do. But you have bigger problems than a silly holiday if that’s the case. But seriously, to say “I HAVE to show love to my spouse! The nerve!” I look forward to any and every chance to show Sir Smiley how important he is to me. Valentine’s Day is just another chance to do just that and I’m hardly going to complain. By the way…I am not offended by people who don’t like Valentine’s Day, anymore than others should be offended that I hate coffee (don’t get me started).
So to Sir Smiley…you rock my socks off! To all of you, Happy Valentine’s Day! May you spend it with the people you love…whether it be with friends, family, kids…with a cheap dinner at home or an expensive dinner out and about. This is a chance to show them you love them…make it one of many.


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