Technology Bytes


Yes, I am aware that the title of this post is a pun…a terrible, groan worthy pun. Just wanted to acknowledge that outright. I have a love/hate relationship with technology that almost mirrors the love/hate relationship with my kids. That is to say, I love it when it works, and will spend insupportable amounts of time using it…checking status’…sharing a funny photo…or some random quote from one of my kids. The world must experience my wit, and they must experience it now! It is a time drain…but without the benefits of the positive memories my kids give me when they suck my time. But when it’s not working, I feel an overwhelming urge to do something highly damaging and irreparable to it. Luckily, my kids are too large to throw across the room, but my iPad and other pieces of technology are not so lucky. (Kidding! Even if my children were throwable sized I wouldn’t throw them…I mean, then I’d have to go fetch them and the therapy costs later in life would no doubt be astronomical.). I have never actually thrown anything breakable (although more than a few pillows have indeed felt my wrath) but this weekend made me want to.

Perhaps an explanation is in order. I have had the same video camera since Sasquatch was born and it has served me well. In the technological family, it has been my good kid. It works well, does what I need it to, and is relatively easy to use. But, combine it with my hubby’s Mac and we run into a problem. But here’s the bizarre thing…we’ve had this Mac for several years and it too has served us well. Not only that, but I have downloaded numerous videos and pics from the aforementioned video camera onto the Mac. So there should be no problems doing this again this weekend! Just do what I’ve always done. Except…inexplicably…it doesn’t work. None of the video files from the camera are recognized on the computer. As we research this problem online, we discover something odder…apparently the two were never supposed to have worked together. Everything we’ve read points to the two being incompatible. But for whatever reason, for the past couple years the two had decided to overcome their differences and work seamlessly for us. Until this weekend where they had a falling out and no longer were speaking. We found a mediator (handbrake) to help but the videos come out fuzzy. I’m ready to throw in the towel and let our camera retire with some dignity but Sir Smiley refuses to admit defeat. So peace talks will continue until they are reconciled to each other. In this day and age you think downloading some videos and burning them to a disc should be relatively simple…that the complexities would only enter with editing software…but no. Of course not. And this, folks, is why technology bytes.


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