Parenting Logical Fallacies


Logical fallacies are all around us…especially in the realm of parenting. Here are a few I’ve come across in my relatively few years of parenting.

If I am frustrated with my kid it means I think they’re bad. (They could just be REALLY annoying right then. Good people can be REALLY annoying…it doesn’t mean I think my kid is the next Honey Boo Boo)

If one way of parenting worked well for me than everyone must parent that way. (Cause every parent is exactly like you…every kid exactly like yours…and every home has the same floor plan…”etc. etc. etc”…which you totally need to say like the king in “The King and I“)

Even better, this worked for me, so I must make sure that all my friends, family members, people I meet in the street must be corrected for not doing it that way. (see previous point)

A happy house means no one ever cries. (Everyone needs a good cry sometimes..if not I’m pretty sure we would explode)

The kid with the messiest placemat is the messiest eater. (just check their lap sometime and you’ll see what I mean)

If I don’t devote all my free time to my kid, I am ignoring them. (the world doesn’t revolve around them…it’s good for them to be reminded of that occasionally if you ask me. Besides, this youtube video is REALLY funny…)

Babycenter reaches the most people so it must be the best place to get advice. (I don’t have any problem with Babycenter itself…just the moms on it who seems to have no problem ripping each other apart on the faceless Internet)

If I work hard enough I will figure this parenting thing out. (Hang in for the ride folks…right when you think you have a hang on things the rug gets ripped out from under you and off you go again…)

Have any of your own? Post them in the comments, I’d love to see them!


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