Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3…


Urpling struggles with her communication skills at times. Some of it is her ability to enunciate words…but even more of it is an inability to understand basic concepts we are trying to explain to her. It didn’t seem to be a big deal at first, until we started dealing with meltdown after meltdown simply because she didn’t understand what we were telling her. This is in addition to the typical flood of three year old tantrums we were already experiencing. So we finally decided that it was time to have her checked.
Our local school district will do preschool screenings periodically throughout the year for kids whose parents feel need some extra help. As a former teacher I have been on the other end of this process so it was interesting to come at it from the perspective of a parent. Interesting and far more emotional. Here is my beautiful girl, and I want everyone to see how precious and amazing she is. But at the same time I want her to get the help she needs so I want them to see the problems we had been seeing at home. Definitely some conflicting emotions going on there.
The teachers were awesome! They gushed over Urpling and how sweet her manners were and how adorable she was. They sat down with me and assured me that I had done all I could at home, that I was very in touch with her needs and struggles. So they managed to both encourage me as a parent while still letting me know she needed help. I am truly grateful that they made the experience fairly painless.
So now Urpling will be going to preschool. I will no doubt be emotional on that day as well. But I have hopes that now we will work towards being better able to understand each other.


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